About Dave Lievense

Dave is one half of Techno guru's Psycatron, and owner of Belfast’s longest running and most successful electronic music recording facilities Mass Motion Studio. He is a producer, engineer and sound designer and releases house, techno and trance into the scene around the globe. Psycatron have released on massive imprints such as Cocoon, Bedrock, Tresor, Planet - e Scuba's Hotflush and Mauro Picotto's Alchemy label.

Native to Belfast with Dutch roots, his musical background is extensive. He began as a DJ in Belfast's prestigious cultural revolution stalwarts the Arts College and Shine, culminating in a five year extensive live tour with Psycatron in the biggest techno and house clubs on the planet. All while being the architect of releases with trance and house labels, engineering clients’ material to label standard.

Mixing and engineering: Mal Black with releases on Tall Pauls, Duty Free Imprint; front cover of MixMag in an exclusive Paul Van Dyke mix; producing the Jet Project, released on Viva recordings; Steve Lawler’s label, Get Physical and other equally industrious imprints; Scope, who’s track, Strung Out, featured on Radio One Essential mix; Eric Prydz mix on the Deep House imprint; Urban Torque alongside the calibre of musicians such as Funk D Void. He featured on Pete Tong’s essential mix as an essential new tune provider under the guise of Briggs and Lievense, with a track called Breakdown signed to Lucien Foort's label MultiTracks.  

After being asked to endorse a mixing desk he loves, he was eventually asked to redesign the insides and be a beta tester for the Mackie DXB mixer, before its prime Innovator Bob Tudor passed from cancer. He was happy to oblige, Skype installing new innards for producers from all over the globe who wished to upgrade the older Iwill motherboards with newer Asus i7 systems that revolutionised the potential of the Mackie DXB. Subsequently he endorsed a local product "Patchblocks" and again was asked to be beta tester on the project.

Cubase has been his main DAW since the age of 16 and at the ripe old age of 41 he has pretty much got into the innards of this established behemoth of a DAW. On the Psycatron tour he broke all the material down into stem mixes for live manipulation and ran them through Ableton which lent itself to the club and festival environment. Using available plug in combinations, scene manipulation and stem mixes live gave endless streams of musical content to their own mixes to achieve unique and constantly evolving live sets.

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