About Chris

Chris Connolly was born on 2nd December 1977 in Belfast Northern Ireland. All his life Chris has been interested in music as Chris explains, I remember when I was a young lad I used to play on my brother's synthesizer and my mum bought me a toy keyboard". In the early 90's as the dance scene really took off, Chris used to go out clubbing to local nightclubs, and at one nightclub called Space he witnessed a local DJ called Darryl play to the crowd. Chris was amazed at the response and respect that the crowd showed to Darryl.

From that point on Chris new that he had to make Dance music a part of his life. Aged just 17 Chris saved up and bought his first set of decks. After months of locking himself in his room and perfecting his mixing, Chris took a tape down to Elite Records in Belfast. Realising the talent that 17 year old Chris had, Elite Records Decided to have Chris record tapes for them and Chris adopted the name DJ Craze, which was a nickname that his friends from school would call him. The owner of Elite Records was Philip Patrick who at the time was also a club promoter, promoting some of the best nights in Northern Ireland. Chris? Tapes were released alongside some legendary names on the Northern Ireland circuit including, Djs Tizer, X-Ray, Sci, Binman and Scottish legend, Paddy Frazer.

In 1998 Chris got his first taste of production. Chris was introduced to Mad Cow Studios by local DJ Modelle. Chris took to producing as if he had been doing it for years. Craze Connolly - The Vibe was the first production to come from Chris. Many more productions would come from Chris over the years with tracks being made at Mad Cow Studios as well as other studios across Northern Ireland. In 2003 Chris got licensed to a company in Japan called Toryumon where they would sell tracks produced by Chris. With the money Chris made from licensing fees, Chris decided it was time to start buying equipment of his own. Chris also co-produced some tracks with a close friend Barry Wigham, who used to engineer for local producers Agnelli & Nelson, (Chris Agnew & Robbie Nelson). Barry was the engineer in classic releases from Agnelli & Nelso such as Angels Fly 98, Bolivian Angel and also known for Grand Piano, which was produced by Barry and Darryl Campbell.

Chris went on to have some of his tracks released on digital labels such as Emotive sounds Italy and Bonzai Records Belgium. His tracks were to feature on record stores such as iTunes, Beatport and Juno records. Over the years Chris has used many DAWs including Cubase, Logic and Ableton and is always learning the latest techniques so that he stays in touch with the modern scene.

In recent times, Chris has had his work featured on Borderline records, Perfecto, Blackhole and Tranceformer Records, and he hopes to have many more coming soon.