Course Overview

This course will take teach you everything you need to know to start making your own Trance tracks using Ableton Live. Course facilitator, Project 8, will take you step-by-step through how he produces his own tracks, teaching you all his latest production tips and tricks, to help bring your own productions to life! 

This is a chance to get into the studio with someone with numerous vinyl & digital releases, who has signed tracks to many underground dance labels over 10 years. 

Project 8 is not only successful with his music, but also with the signature sound samples he has created on Freshly Squeezed Samples. Project 8’s samples are used worldwide by A-list producers spanning across all genres such as Sander Van Door, Ummet Ozcan, Neelix, Dave Parkinson and many more!

A maximum of 10 students per class will be allowed so that each student gets personal attention and time to ask lots of questions. Sound engineering, music theory, music production; our studios are fully equipped with everything you need to start learning the art of Trance and to take your productions to the next level. Prior production knowledge essential!


Project 8


The course will last for 4 weeks - 4 days in total / 1 day per week / 5 hrs per day
Trance with Ableton will run Friday  6th October for 4 weeks from 12pm -5pm




Get in touch via the Contact page for more details on upcoming session dates and times for this course

What is supplied

  • Ableton Live Suite
  • Midi Keyboard
  • Latest iMac
  • Headphones
  • Sylenth/Spire
  • Tutor - Project 8

What you will learn

  • Creating a new session or template
  • Kick & bass
  • Drum patterns (HI hats, toms, claps, snares etc.)
  • Writing melodies 
  • Layering Techniques
  • Pads
  • Compression Techniques (Sidechain)
  • Processing FX (reverb, delay)
  • Arrangement
  • FX
  • Mix down techniques (panning, EQ, setting levels correctly)
  • Bus sends
  • and more...


At the end of the course, Project 8 will select the student who shows the most potential to receive a further day in the studio working one to one with him on whatever aspects of the training they want more help with. This is an amazing opportunity to get into the studio with someone as talented and knowledgeable as Project 8 for one to one mentoring, to ask questions, work on some of your personal projects, or polish the track you have been developing during the four weeks of the course, benefitting from Project 8’s breadth of experience to point you in the right direction to get your track finished to a high standard.